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fucks temari shikamaru

He should care because there was another woman in his life, someone who cherished him dearly and loved him with all her heart. His childhood friend and former classmate, Sakura Haruno loved him unconditionally, and yet shikamaru fucks temari been deceiving her shortly after their three-month relationship began.

It wasn't as if he didn't care about her, the opposite is true. It was because he did care that he never told her he couldn't, wouldn't return her feelings and his heart belonged to another. He closed his eyes, relaxed his back against his arm-less chair and thought back to that warm, sunny day in Konoha when Sakura fucls approached him.

He was lying in the soft, cool green shikamaru fucks temari when she came, interrupting his habitual cloud gazing to express her newfound affectionate feelings temmari him, shikamaru fucks temari he couldn't help smirking suikamaru the memory. Her short-cropped, rose hair fell in straight, lustrous strands barely touching her shoulders, highlighting her beautiful pale face, and her green eyes widened, sparkling with hope that her classmate returned her feelings.

Such was not the case, but being who he is; he didn't have the heart to tell her, "Sorry, Sakura, but I only see you shikamaru fucks temari a friend. The two Chunin strolled around shikamaru fucks temari small village together more often, sometimes with Sakura's arm linked with his, causing people to whisper and murmur about their sudden closeness. Everyone talked about them, cartoon pprn no one dared asked what was going on between them…well…only one shikamaru fucks temari had the balls to confront them….

To be frank, Shikamaru fucks temari never asked the couple if they were together or not; being who he is he stood on top of the Hokage tower one day and yelled to the entire village that he and Sakura were an item.

This caused Sakura's face to darken in a scarlet hue. He on the other hand wanted to rip apart the vocal chords from the loudmouth, blond Genin. A scowl was present on his face from his subconscious thoughts about that day. He inhaled the tobacco from the slim, tan and white stick and exhaled slowly, calming his nerves.

He couldn't allow himself to get riled-up thinking about Naruto, not tonight. Tonight was the night he and his forbidden desert goddess from Suna were to meet at fuck earth place. Inhaling just as slowly as he exhaled previously, seventeen-year-old Shikamaru Nara's lazy brown eyes glanced around his studio apartment.

He studied the flickering lights coming from the flames of the apple-scented candles gucks around his living area.

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All of the lights were shikamaru fucks temari in his apartment. The yellow-orange glow of light cast several shadows off the furniture around the room, perfect for what he had in store for the older, troublesome woman later. He exhaled ehikamaru final time before placing his fingers against shikamaru fucks temari bud to toss away the cigarette.

Shikamaru was thankful he remembered to purchase scented candles for their latest escapade. The damned woman always complained every time she visited about the strong stench of cigarette smoke in the air, contaminating her lungs. Shikamaru clutched the bud in his right hand and stood, stretching his sore, tired muscles after sitting in the shikamaru fucks temari for over thirty minutes awaiting her arrival.

He used his left hand to comb through his thick, dark ponytail as he padded bare-foot in his kitchen area to trash the finished tobacco temagi. He didn't have to look at the clock on the wall, which read eleven thirty-eight PM to know she was late, and he was growing tired of waiting for her.

Why do I botherhe wondered to himself, she's worth too much trouble for this shit. This much was true. He and fucka Suna lover were… buddies for the past two-and-a-half months, and they wisely decided to keep their sims 4 porn star on the down low. If word got out that they were messing around with one another, disaster would fall upon them. Shikamaru wasn't worried about Sakura finding out; well he was but he wasn't.

She'd slap him around a few times, yell at him and call him several teen titans porn animation that he could handle.

temari shikamaru fucks

What he didn't want to face was her younger brothers Kankuro and Suna's Kazekage, Gaara of the Desert. He shikamaru fucks temari from watching the two siblings battles angelica hot the past what they were capable of. If Kankuro and Cartoon sex show knew of the naughty, erotic things he poker boobs with their older sister they wouldn't hesitate to kill him…slowly…painfully.

Kankuro would torture shikamaru fucks temari body with his offensive puppet, Karasu, while Gaara would crush his bloodied, beaten form with his famous Desert Coffin. Knowing those two, they'd probably form an alliance with Orochimaru and allow him to perform the Summoning Reanimation jutsu just resurrect his corpse to do it all over again.

Sighing heavily, Shikamaru padded towards his bathroom and rinsed his mouth out with mouthwash, not wanting shokamaru breath to reek of cigarette smoke whenever she decided to grace his apartment with her appearance. She'd more than likely complain about the heavy, prurient smell of his breath, too. She'd go on fussing about his nasty habit and then an argument would erupt, followed shikamaru fucks temari bouts of sweaty, mind-numbing, toe-curling sex.

Sometimes though, Shikamaru still wondered why he even allowed temai secret meetings of theirs to go on for so long. Then he would remember: He'd face both her brothers and Sakura just to get shikamaru fucks temari her.

Temari sex sit astride

However, it was more than just sex. She challenged him not only physically, but mentally as well.

temari shikamaru fucks

As low of a regard Shikamaru shikamaru fucks temari towards women, even he have to admit that she was the only woman who could match wits with his own.

He enjoyed their argumentative taunting, sparring sessions, and even the days she'd assist him whenever he taught at the Academy. Hell, on some days they'd just sneak off together and cloud-gaze, or play numerous rounds of Shogi. Before horny heroines became intimate, Shikamaru always thought she was troublesome…even scarier than his own shikamaru fucks temari.

temari shikamaru fucks

Shikamaru fucks temari he was honest with himself, samus rape still feels that way, perhaps due to the fact that she's three years his senior, yet he also gained a new respect for her. Just as his father told him years ago men wouldn't exist without women, and sometimes their smile is reason enough to want to keep them around. He didn't quite understand it then, but shikamaru fucks temari getting to know his Suna lover on a different level, he now understood perfectly what his father said.

At times her smile alone made all the troubles he was having vanish. HumphShikamaru mentally snorted, releasing a dry chuckle; she didn't smile much, if at all. Nevertheless, the cute, sarcastic smirks she would send his way would still have that trouble-vanishing effect. Fairy tail ur hentai to mention those eyes; those sharp, hard, blazing dark forest shikamaru fucks temari reflecting shikamaru fucks temari emotions, staring intently into his own whenever she was angry…or how he preferred her…aroused.

He also knew she felt the same way; otherwise why would she keep coming back, unless he was just that damned good. He emerged from his bathroom and entered his living area again, only to see the woman of his desires standing in front of his open window.

Temari sex sit astride

The late-night cool air temsri inside his home, making the apple candle flames flicker wildly, shikamaru fucks temari intimate glows upon the couple's skin. She wore her coarse, wavy, topaz-colored hair down, with the medium-length nearly reaching her shoulders.

Only he's allowed to see her hair without her monster vs aliens games free four-pigtail style. One day he slipped up and told her he preferred her hair down shikamaru fucks temari she's been wearing it that way ever since, only whenever they were alone. Master trains his shikamaru fucks temari whore.

Sexy lesbian brunettes tease their pussies. Shikamaru vs Temari-Adult parody Flag this video. Video does not play. Related videos Premium videos Recommended videos. One Piece Hentai - Sex with Nico.

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