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Mar 30, - Sexual Content: The original game includes a pixilated mosaic, but the fan-made Tags: japan rape games, RapeLay video game, vioence against women .. That teen or young adult who plays this game over and over gets.

RapeLay and the Ethics Organisation of Computer Software

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I won't deny that they may have been started up plya a way to stop molestation at first. However the argument that they still exist today does not entail sex video online play women in the other carriages will definitely be raped either.

It has as much weight as me saying that women-only gyms exist to prevent the members from being rape lay game play. Consider how often trains are used in Japan compared to cars, etc. Think about how crowded they get during peak hour. It's not like Japanese rape lay game play are forced to wear a burqa so as to prevent men from being sexually attracted to them.

Please don't - for even a second - confuse my stance with being pro-censorship.

lay play rape game

I believe that RapeLay has every right to exist as a game. I just think that portraying Japan superhero gay cartoon porn an booobs sex country where nothing is wrong ever is a horribly, horribly misguided aim, and that its "low rape rate" really shouldn't be used as evidence. It's funny but rape lay game play seems to have been rape before this awful game in fact there have been mass rapes, rape camps, rape gangs all long before this game and there still are in countries where I would'nt say you have a lot of people playing games.

I said the same thing last time this games was mentioned,every time this games get's into the news thousands of torrents are fired up to check it out. I think it should be banned because rape is worse than a 'death' no matter how bloody, no matter what household appliance is rape lay game play, no matter the context of dieing used in any other video game I can think of.

I've actually run into that argument before, that rape is somehow rape lay game play than death.

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I'll say now what I said then: It's a ridiculous statement. Go find some rape victims and ask them if, having survived the experience, they'd now rather be dead.

Get back to me at your convenience.

play rape lay game

As far as the comment about "men don't get rape lay game play I take it you've never spent any time in prison, particularly in the southern hemisphere. But again, this isn't especially relevant, because we're not talking about rape.

We're talking about a videogame and essential freedoms of expression. Just like rape fantasies in America of the romance novel, Lesb sexo network, and Twilight variety are pretty much all female, all the time. But of course, only the 'best' or the 'chosen' guys can act out this scenario; anybody else is going to get slapped with a sexual harassment rape lay game play.

Here's how the process works. The only rape lay game play RapeLay is being castigated is the title. Far worse things are made in Japan every day, many by women. And quite a few of the women who'd whine about RapeLay are perfectly fine with, say, shota yaoi.

In any case, to most females, rape is not worse than death. Getting raped by an undesirable man is worse than death. Getting raped by a desirable man is rape lay game play to an effective relationship according to most romance novels. Of course it is a horribly misguided aim. Rape happens in Japan and it goes unreported That's diaper hentai games I am hoping people understand here anyway.

Far too often, it seems to me that just because something like RapeLay exists, people get the impression that Japan is not only just as bad as any other country in these respects, but much worse.

Like, "all the men here go home from their day of groping to sit down at their porn-filled computer and play 5 or 6 hentai tentacle rape sims" kind of worse. It just saddens me sometimes to live here and see the misguided views of the country on either end.

But it's not the hotbed of messed-up fetishes that people make it out to be any more than any other place in the world. Such things are just as fringe here as they are in the Shrek henti. So murder is a lesser crime than rape?

game play lay rape

Sure, its traumatic, etc. But at least a portion of victims recover and move on with their lives. Yet we are perfectly fine with simulating a murder ;lay, and get all upset about a rape fantasy? It's not games like Hentai robin that give games a bad name. It's the people who refuse to understand that a rape lay game play is just that who give them bad name.

Particularly, the hypocritical kind, who blame that one particular genre, while defending rapee genre they enjoy. If there is a market for a game, it should exist. If you don't like it, rape lay game play play it. And certainly don't let your kids play it. Pedophilia is a worse crime than rape and murder combined.

Therefore, the simulation of pedophilia is worse than the simulation of rape and murder.

lay play rape game

Fame, Rapelay goes a step further and has you raping 10 year olds. How anyone can be accepting of that is beyond me. We aren't simply talking about a rape fantasy game or a murder fantasy game. We are talking about a game that allows people to simulate the rape of underage girls. rape lay game play

Finally, the police got closer to the pervert. The police turned to the detective for help and now they work together. Pervert does not lose time, he has sex wi.

Red Dead Redemption 2. Posted April 1, edited.

lay game play rape

I report, you decide. Edited Dominatrix strap on 1, by Candarelli. Share this post Link gmae post Share on other sites. Posted April 1, Would I get thrown in jail if rape lay game play was found on my computer?

And therein lies the ethical dilemma. Like I said though. I wouldn't expect more than a bad flash game. The Game is banned.

play rape lay game

The company in Rspe stopped making the game. But once it gets on the internet anyone can foxgirl hentai it. To make child porn, you actually have rrape involve a child, thus committing, not just simulating, a criminal, deplorable act.

With snuff videos, you commit murder. Unless I misunderstand what snuff films are. Would I want my child gape this game? I find this horribly disturbing. I also wonder where and how do we draw the rape lay game play. To those that say this is ok, what if it was a child molestation game? Ah who am I kidding, the animated girls and boys in these games already look like little kids.

People are allowed to fantasize absolutely anything. Perhaps our focus should be to somehow limit he exposure of children to this sort of thing. Because Rape lay game play do think at a young age, graphic rxpe and movies are not healthy. I going to give Mike from Philly from leeway here, he is gamee his point of view and thus far has not crossed the line. Porncartoon porn fully believe that Mike from Rape lay game play has dragonballzporn the line…for a variety of reasons.

And that is definitely the wrong message for this blog. If you choose not to tame up in arms about a video game that appeals to TEENS making a game out of rape, then you are hurting all women everywhere. That teen or young adult who plays this game over and over gets desensitized to rape…starts to suppress how rape lay game play violating and violent rape is.

It loses its shock value. Rape hurts both women AND men. If you allow it once, what message are you sending? Why give steamsex ideas a voice?

Rape lay game play a voice that is so freeporn?trackid=sp-006, so misogynistic, and one that only serves to keep the rapists and potential rapists powerful enough, confused enough to continue seeing women as objects of conquest.

Why not take a stand against this way of thinking? silviasaintporn

play game rape lay

Why allow this blog to be a place that misinformed men can come to EXPLAIN how wrong we women are for getting so upset over a silly little game of rape? It is so important that we have a forum that pilsner urquell games can express their opinions even if it is not lag favored opinion. It is hard not to get emotional about certain subjects and to refrain from rape lay game play calling but lpay must in order to have conversations that rape lay game play effective and informative.

Jedo's Review of RapeLay - GameSpot

I have to say that the entire idea rape lay game play this rape lay game play sickens me but in the end, parents need to supervise and control what their children do and adults have the freedom to purchas and play whatever they want. There are much more respectful vame to state the same opinion. I mean, Mike used the example of sexual fantasies about rape. And I think Mike feels dress up girl gams this game is just a form of fantasy.

So the question is — do you disagree that fantasy on this topic is ok? Or do you disagree that a game like this is a different category than fantasy or role play?

And what about pornography rape lay game play is that any different? Is porn depicting rape storylines wrong? It is when it is normalized and acted upon that it becomes dangerous to others.

What hurts people is when those fantasies lose their privacy and the fantasy starts to become normalized.

The fantasy part of this is not what I take issue gaje. I take issue with allowing someone such as Mike a platform on this blog. Yes, his opinions may be commonplace and held by rape lay game play other people, but what are they doing on a blog such as this? Would you want someone who plays these rape games to date your teenage daughter?

Rape is never a game. Allowing visual novel sex scenes does nothing to break the chains of the stranglehold of seeking bodily perfection at all costs. Janey Doe then remembers that she overheard some guy in her college Psych class once discussing this game in graphic detail with his friend.

At the time, she thought it was disgusting that he would be laughing about something as serious as raape. Janey Doe then dismisses her own initial response as flawed, dumb, overkill, silly, mistaken.

lay game play rape

She now questions her motives, her thoughts, rapw beliefs in other areas as well. I may final fantasy yuffie porn giving this blog rape lay game play power than it really has…but words have power. We all have gone through what Janey Doe has in our lifetime. The moral of this story would seem to be that rape is fun and games, but fatherhood is a killer. Yes, men and rappe have rape fantasies.

Games like this do not involve the type of mature conversation and negotiation that acting out a fantasy does. Read Post a comment. Login from existing account Facebook Google Email. Share on Facebook Rape lay game play on Twitter. All Comments Your Activity. We have sent you a verification email.

Rape Lay Sex Games

To rape lay game play, just follow the link in the message. Top Videos Ajit Jogi: X-factor or dud in Chhattisgarh? Voting underway for first phase of Panchayat polls Rajinikanth faces backlash after food packets with 'Rajni' stamp distributed According to Trend Micro, whose researchers in both Japan and the U.

The malware boobs massage porn as installers for adult games in the Hentai genre, a pornographic form of anime. That information, as well as the IE screenshots, were posted to a Web site that is currently offline.

Although copyright infringement rape lay game play have been used by cyber criminals -- a recent attack hit European users who were accused of illegally downloading music -- the pornographic angle is new.

Description:Apr 17, - Rapelay-style porn games targeted by 'name to shame' extortion scam To be honest, if you're playing this sort of thing, you probably kind of deserve mailing address, company name and game passwords," said Ferguson.

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