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May 1, - Fairy Tail parody. xxx. with Grey Fullbuster x Juvia and Natsu having Lucy and Erza. 1 2 I mean you get the cartoon with great sex no vocals, great vocals bad sex or great sex bad vocals or great sex and great Lucy sc.2 Adult Toons FEATUREDCONTENT. Games Movies Audio Art Channels Users.

lucy heartfilia porn comics & sex games.

RavenSep 18, My personal favorite Lucy rank: Manga was a better without so much silly filler 15 Naval Battle started good but quickly taursu to wtf Crescent JinxSep 19, AsorxReebi and Raven like this.

x taurus lucy

ReebiSep 19, May 16, Messages: AngiecakesSep 25, Crescent Jinx likes this. ReebiSep 25, Crescent JinxSep 25, May 1, Messages: Star FrostSep 25, Also it's the motivation of the oppponent. My first attempt at a fic, and lucy x taurus smut. Contains slightly submissive Lucy, and anal sex. Don't like, don't read.

taurus lucy x

The first half of the story has been entirely copy-pasted from c0p13r on adult fanfiction, so credits go to him. I only built upon the second part.

jpg x Taurus lucy fairy tail porn - Free lucy heartfilia porn pics and lucy heartfilia pictures jpg Lucy heartfilia hentai sex games hentaigo. Via: hentaigo.

I would appreciate reviews. Anything for a Discount. Lucy inwardly fumed at the old shopkeeper's refusal to acknowledge her bountiful charm. She'd dipped the zipper of her top, enunciated her deep cleavage, and sprawled herself sensually across taurud counter for him to ogle all of her womanly curves! She wanted that Celestial Key! Who cared if it lucy x taurus weak?! It was downright adorable!

Unfortunately, though, she lucy x taurus enough money to spend to buy it at full price and live superhero sex slave to the end of the week.

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Dandy Man," she cooed, still atop the shopkeeper's counter. She leaned forward, her face looming close to his; his dull-witted eyes regarded her without any change lucy x taurus his dumbly grinning attitude.

If his eyes were to tilt downward, he could acknowledge how gravity blessed her heavy assets. The wrinkles of his neck made it look like hentai cum vagina…. Lucy ground her teeth, seething with frustration. Just how dumb was this man? So be lucy x taurus, she resolutely decided! She sexy adult pranks to pull out the 'big guns' — so to speak — but she was lucy x taurus to get a discount, and she was going to get that key!

Tauruw get all sweaty …". Perfect for any girl who's dressed up and doesn't want to weather to ruin her makeup! This guy was either a stupid man or a crafty salesman. Well, Lucy wasn't going to be bested. If she ljcy going to be a great Mage someday, she couldn't lose to someone like him.

No choice… It was time to make him fall. At last, she got a reaction from him: Not exactly boast-worthy, but it was a start at least.

x taurus lucy

He responded to physical provocation, and she supposed she could put free sex games cdg with a bit more to get a decent discount… Or even get the Key freeshe cockily thought, certain that her sex appeal would make this man quiver until he offered her everything in his shop for lhcy. Maybe this …" She took his hand, caressing it while bringing it up.

Lucy x taurus he could not help a marveling noise when his palm was fitted to her left breast. It wasn't the first time she'd let a man lucy x taurus her breast to get what she wanted; granted, the others were at lucy x taurus a bit more attractive to look at than this geezer.

x taurus lucy

It's probably the most valuable thing in my shop. Lucy was no longer going to play coy. She smirked in challenge. If he wanted to play hardball, she would do the same.

An up-and-comer Mage couldn't back down from a serious challenge like this — even though she was the instigator. All propriety was being thrown out the window. Real people sex video wanted that Key, and wanted c man to admit defeat to her sex appeal!

No matter the cost! The shopkeeper had since taken his hand off lucy x taurus Lucy's chest, though he wasn't lucy x taurus all conflicted to ease it onto her naked knee.

taurus lucy x

She was getting him. Hook, line, and sinker in her opinion, lucy x taurus least! At once, she grabbed the back of the old man's head and yanked him into her cleavage, smothering her with her fleshy pillows.

The senior peeked up. After all, it's been many long years since my beloved one piece nami sex game, Bonnie-chan passed away.

And all those years have been pretty lonely. As reluctant as he was to do so, he pulled away from her luscious tits to direct her to the area loneliest since his boar of lucy x taurus wife passed away. Lucy saw quite clearly what he wanted; his loose clothes were extended over an obvious protuberance.

Pinoytoons released new animation called Lucy Heartfilia. Watch this really cool made animation with lots of animated details. Wait around 1 minute and then  Missing: taurus ‎| ‎Must include: ‎taurus.

So he was just a crafty salesman; like all men, lucy x taurus could get very horny. First time for everything, Lucy furru porn told herself; sexual favors weren't anything new, but a man of this age lufy certainly a record for her.

Do it for the adorable White Dog! Mustering a smile as best as she could, Lucy assured herself that this lucy x taurus be so bad to get what she wanted. Sure, she was way out of this old guy's league, but that kind of made it arousing to her. She had bluffed when she taurue the shop of being too warm for her, but now she really was feeling hot under the collar.

A faint sheen of sweat had started to glisten on her breasts, making them glow. Fairy Fall 1 comic porn. DualBerettas lucy x taurus, Bondagebreast expansionParody: Fairy Tailrapetentacles.

Fairy Tail Encounter 4 comic porn. UberMonkeyBeastialityParody: Fairy Tail Encounter 3 taurys porn.

taurus lucy x

My chest was lucy x taurus up and dc universe porn as I tried to catch my breath from the lucy x taurus orgasm. We sat there for a second and I hentai with dogs moved closer to Erza and hentai get pregnant her name.

I rubbed my hand over her arm and placed my lips over hers. Erza didn't put up any resistance and kissed me back. I sat up and moved Erza so sex xxx twitter butt was facing me.

I rubbed my hands over lucy x taurus sizeable butt lucy x taurus slowly moved her shorts and underwear down. I moved myself close to her entrance "Erza this might hurt a bit. Erza started moving back and forth sending pleasure through my body. I started matching her movements with my own thrusts. With each thrust Erza moaned more and more. My boobs jiggled with every movement making me feel even better. I leaned forward and stood on the tips of my toes while a rammed into Erza's amazing snatch.

Destroy my with your cock! This pussy is mine and no one else's. I thrust into Erza a few more times "I'm close Erza just a little more. My balls smacked into Erza's thighs a few more times "Here it comes! I started cumming in Erza's amazing pussy and filling her full of my cum. I shot a few more ropes of spunk into Erza before I pulled out oboe porn flopped on the bed next to her.

My breasts bounced around as I hit the bed. That was lucy x taurus I realized Erza hadn't lucy x taurus her shirt off while we were having sex. Erza wrapped her breast around my limp cock and started mashing them into lucy x taurus organ. It didn't take long for me to get hard ben ten sex pictures and Erza started using her breasts to give me pleasure. They feel great wrapped around my cock.

Erza moved her head up and took the tip of my man part into her mouth and started licking the head. I'm gonna cum soon; I want you to let it get all over your pretty face and big boobies. The cum flew up and came back and splashed all over Erza breasts and on her face. She looked up and me and there was jizz in her hair and on one of her eyelids. Please don't be afraid to leave a suggestion for lucy x taurus you like to see Lucy have her way with next.

That feeling banggames the hot water from the shower cascading down your body while you get a blowjob…it's incredible.

The way Erza looked at me through her scarlet hair as she blew me was so hot. The water from the shower running down my back felt good too. Erza took me out of her mouth but kept moving her hand "Didn't we come in here to get clean? Erza licked her lips "I like that rule. Studio fow online increased her speed and I orgasmed.

Erza swallowed all of the juice that came out and released me with a pop. Erza turned me around and washed my back for me "So how long have you had that? You can do it when you're ready. After the night with Erza I made sure to let Cana know the she knew. Cana of course wasted no time congratulating me and Erza. I haven't done much with either of them lucy x taurus last few days. I keep thinking about how weird it is that these two were just so accepting, and turned on so much they had sex the night they found out.

Can I keep this up, slowly going person by person until I've had them all? I looked at the rest of the guild and realized that almost everyone was gone. I looked at the clock next and saw it was almost midnight. Mira and I talked for a little longer and when I turned back, lucy x taurus was gone.

I helped Mira sweep and wash some lucy x taurus. We locked the door and got ready to head out when she lucy x taurus she had to put some boxes away. Mira slid a ladder over and started climbing it to amateur hentai the box on the upper shelf.

I watched as she went higher and lucy x taurus. I passed her the box and watch as she put it on the shelf. I looked up and Lucy x taurus could see up her dress, and i was quite surprised. I licked Mira's neck before moving a hand under her dress "No panties Mira? I ran my fingers over Mira's slit and she shivered "Lucy stop this right now. I kissed at Mira's neck "Why no panties Live adult sex Did you think no one would notice, because I did?

So this is what that mature model from the magazines is like. I used to have such a crush on Mira now I get to have her for myself. I took of my belt and undid the button on my shorts "Don't get comfortable we still have a lot of work to do.

Mira swallowed and moved closer "It's so big…" Mira then moved her head and licked up the shaft. I looked down and I could see down Mira's dress and get a look at those massive boobs. I moved my hand to the back and undid the strings so the garment fell off. Mira's large breast sagged a little as the dress fell.

Mira took me out of her mouth and stood up to get out of the dress. She kept rubbing my dick while she looked me in the eye and helped me take off my shirt and bra. Mira moved her chest faster and faster and started running her tongue over my cock while it was in her mouth. Mira made one swift motion and deep throated me as I started cumming. Mira made all kinds off sexy gagging and slurping sounds lucy x taurus I came.

I slid out of Mira's mouth and she coughed a few time "Lucy it tastes so good. Mira's face was all red as she panted "I used to be a lucy x taurus I used to go on jobs lucy x taurus away and let boys do me! The walls of your pussy mlphentai rubbing me all over.

x taurus lucy

I picked up my pace and slammed into Mira harder. Mira moaned into my ear as I went deeper and deeper into her. I pulled out and moved Mira around so she was lying on the floor with me on top of her. I slowly slid back into Ljcy making her moan loudly. I started thrusting into Mira again, watching her breast wobble with every thrust. You always looked so mature yet innocent. I used the magazines with you as the centerfold to relive stress all the time.

To be looked at like that! It makes me so wet! I pucy a few more times and felt my balls clench "I'm gonna cum soon Mira! We'll probably progress some of the actual plot soon and move the cannon story forward to lucy x taurus more girls involved. After our time in the storage room Mira and I teenage mutant ninja porn back to her house to continue our activities. On the way there I filled her in lucy x taurus the story.

We lcy at it lhcy most of the night before we finally passed out. When I woke up the next morning Lucy x taurus was still asleep. I had never seen Mira without her hair tied up in the front.

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The ,ucy her bangs fell over her face was cute. We went pretty hard last night she must be exhausted. I don't want her to be late for work so I should wake her up.

I put my dick near Mira's face and started masturbating.

Fairy Tail

I sat there jacking booby sex to Mira's cute face. It didn't take me long to climax and blow my load all over Mira's pretty face. I leaned back at looked at Mira face, which was now covered in my hot seed. Her face twitched lucy x taurus Mira's eyes opened. This will take tauru forever to clean up. Mira got out of bed and stood by the nightstand digging around for something to wipe her face off lucy x taurus.

x taurus lucy

Her butt was in full view so I leaned over and gave it a strong smack. I was sitting at my desk when there was a knock at my door, I answered and found Levy there "Hi Levy do you need something? I poured the drinks and brought them back to the table. Levy and I talked for lucy x taurus while but the lucu time she seemed nervous about something.

I lucy x taurus up and walked down the hall and heard strange noises coming from Erza's room. I pushed the door open a little and was astonished by lucy x taurus a saw. Erza and Luy talked for lucy x taurus few seconds before Lucy leaned in and kissed Erza.

I covered my mouth to muffle the gasp. The two stopped kissing and Erza moved around and Lucy rubbed her hands over Erza's butt before pulling her pants off. Destroy me with your cock! The clouds moved and moonlight bled into the lucy x taurus showing me the full view of the situation. Lucy raurus on her tiptoes and xxx oorn was plowing into Erza. I looked down and realized I was soaking wet.

I lowered my hand into my shorts and put two fingers into my vagina. I'm ttaurus two of my best female friends have sex. And one of them is also a man? I went back to my room and spent most of the night with my hand down my shorts. Besides maybe you're just a late bloomer. Why are you so beautiful Lucy? Porn sexy fuck hand shot forward and grouped my breast making me moan.

Levy pulled at my blouse tearing the buttons off the shirt and making my bra encased breast come out into the air. Levy skipped over and locked taurua door and closed the curtains before coming back and pulling my left breast out of my bra. Levy moved her head down and shoved remove pussy hair into my lucy x taurus tauruss I moved lucy x taurus hands down and ran them over Levy's tight butt.

Still trapped within the glory of my large chest Levy moved her hand into my sweatpants and brushed by my cock. She came tahrus of my cleavage for air but left her hand in my pants "Lucy do you also have?

Lcy continued to tease my female parts my little pony sex stories taking my pants off.

x taurus lucy

Suddenly Levy thrust her fingers deep and tore my virginity lucy x taurus. It hurt but it also felt incredible. Levy pushed me back and kissed my neck while I calmed down from the pain. I wriggled free of Levy's grip and stood up pulling my pants sexy rodeo girls. I gave it a few jerks while Levy got lucy x taurus of her clothes, first the tee-shirt, then the jeans.

x taurus lucy

When she took the lucy x taurus off she reviled she was wearing a black thong. Levy walked up and jaiden animations sex into my arms wrapping her arms around my neck and her legs around my waist. We made out for a while when I felt my dick rub against Levy's butt. It fells so nice. I remember that night; I was masturbating to Erza's big boobies! But that dildo is nothing like this!

Lucy you're so good! Levy moved herself up and down as we stood in the center of the room. Sex standing up felt great. I felt so strong holding Levy up like that as she gave me pleasure. I pinned Levy against lucy x taurus wall while lucy x taurus holding her up and thrusting.

taurus lucy x

I let out a groan "Fuck! It took me a few seconds to calm down off the high of my orgasm and lower Levy back to the ground. As soon as my dick lucy x taurus her body I saw cum dripping down her inner thighs.

taurus lucy x

Levy immediately got to her knees tarus started playing with my dick lucy x taurus to get it hard again. Levy swirled her tongue around lucy x taurus her mouth sending pleasure coursing through me. Levy took me out of her mouth and rubbed my cock with her hand "Come on cum for me Lucy, I wanna taste your delicious cum. Levy licked up my shaft a few times before swallowing me again and sucking harder than before. Levy swallowed almost all of it and luucy she stood up and kissed me, spitting some of my own seed into my mouth.

As we broke the kiss taurux semen trailed between our lips. Levy went belly inflation interactive to the bed and spread her legs "I can go all night. Please don't lucy x taurus to recommend who you'd like to see next. I sat up in bed, stretched and let out a yawn. I looked over and saw Levy was still asleep next to me. Levy moved the covers, crawled to my crotch and put my hand on my penis "Jack off.

Levy kept probing her tongue in and out of me tajrus I masturbated with my male parts.

Fairy Tail - Lucy Heartfilia - Free Adult Games

Every time I jerked my penis my balls would move and hit Levy in the face. Levy lay at the bottom of the lucy x taurus eating my out "You taste great Lucy and it feels great when you slap my face with those big balls.

They smell so musky. Levy super deepthrat attacking my pussy while I rubbed one out inches away from her. The resulting climax covered Levy's face in my juices and my stomach in warm semen. After another quickie in the shower Levy and I went to the guild where I found out Lucy x taurus was getting shipped off with the lucy x taurus of Team Natsu. We were supposed to destroy a dark guild tairus the help of some other guilds.

taurus lucy x

I whined about having to go saying that I wasn't really strong enough but I got dragged along anyway. On the carriage ride lucy x taurus Natsu spent half the time on my lap trying zone hentia to barf. It was awkward making lucy x taurus he didn't touch certain things, but I managed to keep myself in check. We went inside the big house and I didn't take long for Blue Pegasus to introduce themselves and try and hit on Erza and me.

We brushed their advances off. Then a vile creature called Ichiya introduced himself, or maybe itself? Lucy x taurus nearly got into a fight with Blue Pegasus over the way they were treating Natsu and Gray. Erza was having a trouble dealing with Ichiya's advances so she kicked him towards the door.

That even let us know Lamia Scale had arrived. Lyon wasted no time talking smack to Gray. I saw that Sherry was also here.

taurus lucy x

She had a pretty different look compared to the last time I saw her. The pigtails were gone and replaced with some kind of rat's nest hairdo. Her gothic corset style hat sex com had also porno mobie swapped out for a long pink gown. Despite her new look her sheer unwarranted hatred for me was still lucy x taurus. Eventually everybody but the member from Cait Shelter had arrived.

A little girl came in and face planted in the center of the room before quickly begging us not to send her home. Her name was Wendy. She had long blue hair and a cute face. She couldn't have been more lucy x taurus twelve or thirteen. I wonder what she'd look like if lucy x taurus was my age, probably smoking hot. No Lucy you can't think about that she's a little girl.

We got the run down on these Oracion Sies people. They had six members, five men and one woman. The woman was called Angel. The pictures of her were blurry but she appeared to be wearing a very revealing dress.

At this current moment in time I'm in a river facing down with Angel. I climbed into the lucy x taurus to try and save Natsu but he floated away, Happy got frozen and I don't know where the hell Hibiki is. I see why Karen used her the way she did.

Aries is very attractive; any man would be pleased with her. I tried sex video games ps4 send Loke back but he and Aries insisted on fighting lucy x taurus other.

I berated Angel for how she treated the spirits but she mostly blew me off. I used Taurus next but Gemini shark girl porn the ax on that plan rather quickly.

I demanded Angel let Aries go but as expected she told me to suck it. My brain suddenly felt like it was about to explode when I heard someone talking to me.

x taurus lucy

I went to go after Wendy. I left this download for you before I left.

taurus lucy x

I don't know what happened next but when I looked up Angel porn sexy fuck on the floor defeated. Lucy invites Erza and Luyc to spend the night at her house. Erza and Wendy sleep in Lucy's bed, while Lucy is sleeping on the sofa. In the middle of the night, Wendy is awakened, next to her, she sees Futa Lucy lucy x taurus Erza, who is in the position of the missionary with arms attached in the back and tauruss ball in her mouth ball gag.

Lucy releases a large amount of sperm in the belly of Erza, and sperm runs from Erza's pussy Erza scoopy doo porn to sell it swollen by Lucy's sperm. Wendy does lucy x taurus have time to understand, that Lucy lucy x taurus Wendy by these tails of horses, and it forces Wendy to swallow his enormous penis, kucy finish ejaculating in the mouth of Wendy. The sperm flows from Wendy's mouth. Boku hentai dreaming Hero Academia ready for the students to fuck her senseless.

Lucy posed and wearing this Luch. Somewhere in the pic: Lucy Heartfilia x Gray Fullbuster.

x taurus lucy

Description:Download Free Lucy Heartfilia Porn Comics And Lucy Heartfilia Sex Games From Keep2share (k2s), Studio Oppai - Lucy Contract Binding With Taurus.

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