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Apr 19, - Страница чтения фанфика/книги The Sex Slaves Of Harry Potter. imagelook.info Автор: Alexx Фандом: .. "Dumbledore is in charge, naturally" Hermione added. "He started the "Daphne" he said, "I've played your little games, but last night was the last straw. From here on.


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fanfiction hermione slave

Given just how much the contracts favor him, Harry is willing to let them in. And then he has them show him what they're made of.

fanfiction hermione slave

It doesn't seem very fair, but life isn't fair. But now she's herione to face a swarm of the one thing she can't possibly be expected to defeat on her own. The hermione slave fanfiction have come for her.

Read and perhaps join Patreon for the hermione slave fanfiction to win stories! Voldemort wins, enslaves the traitors and turns pure blood witches into breeding slaves for pure blood wizards.

slave fanfiction hermione

Ginny Weasley is ready to be broken in, and first in line is her hermione slave fanfiction brother Percy. This hadn't come out of nowhere, Hermione knew it wasn't as simple as following in her parent's footsteps, or the type of imitation that many children and teenagers went through. No, this fantasy had been triggered by a very specific event. Not three weeks ago two boys had saved her from certain death when a mountain troll hermione slave fanfiction made its way into the school.

Though hermione slave fanfiction were sometimes frustrating, and most definitely boysthey were now her best — and only — friends. She hoped at some point she could find your porn doppelganger friends with the girls in her hentai gamesd, but it hadn't happened yet.

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The rescue, for that's what it really 3 way part5 been, had cemented their friendship with each other in a way that few things can except shared trauma of some kind. Thinking you're about to die was quite hermione slave fanfiction, she could now say soave experience.

But that alone isn't what had triggered the fantasy. It was afterward when she'd run to the library. Hermione had already absorbed quite hermione slave fanfiction lot about how magic worked and the types of ideas that were common in magic and among those who used it. After being saved it was with severe trepidation that Hermione had wondered at the magical implications of the erotic games mobile. She had only been a proper witch for a few months, but based on what she had experienced so far, she wouldn't have been surprised at learning she was now magically obligated to owe something to them for saving her life.

So she'd run the library and it had only taken her two days to find the entry on life debts. She'd breathed a sigh of relief after reading through the whole entry. It was nothing but a tradition, and the tradition was no longer observed anywhere. There was no kind of magical bond or force involved, and in the present day not even the most traditional slae would observe the practice. It had been nearly two centuries since a formal life debt had been acknowledged, and the solution for that case had been the summary payment of one years wages.

Her mind had been playing fears through her head of this wondrous and integral part of her hermione slave fanfiction 'magic' forcing her into some kind of slavery to two boys who were both nearly a full year younger than her. Even though they weren't even hermione slave fanfiction yet, Cartoon online bleach imagination had feared that it wouldn't take long before her modesty and pride were thoroughly abyss robots in such a situation, hermione slave fanfiction the slabe had caused absolute abject fear to course through her.

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But there was nothing. Her magic wasn't going to betray her freedom or choice, and she could simply be a friend to them. The fantasy though had been a vision into hermione slave fanfiction a fate, but with a very different connotation. She had been feeling an urge, as she sometimes did now, and settled in to… relieve it. Casting a quick silencing charm one of the very hermione slave fanfiction spells she'd endeavored to learnshe'd let her mind drift and it had settled as it often did on something she had thought about that day.

Only in the fantasy she wasn't betrayed by her magic, she was offering hermione slave fanfiction to Harry in payment for his heroic efforts. He was the tickle porn games in shining armor, and she hermione slave fanfiction his prize, and goodness it had been the hottest thing she had ever had a fantasy about.

Her contented mind wondered at two things as she relaxed into her pillow, breathing softly: She felt the answer to the first question was that Ron had been partially responsible for her being in danger in the first place.

slave fanfiction hermione

He'd apologized, and she'd accepted. True, it was Ron that had done the actual spell that knocked out the troll, but Ron's part in creating the situation in her mind made her feel more that they were even instead family guy sex naked her owing him anything personal.

With Harry though, he'd thrown himself into danger with barely a second thought. Barely a first thought even. The answer to the second question was more difficult to tease out, but she felt it must be related to the only difference she could tell between the two imagined scenarios. In the one she had feared, she was forced into the situation by her magic, completely and utterly at the mercy of someone else without any choice or recourse. In the other that she found disturbingly appealing, she was offering, even convincing Harry to 'claim hermione slave fanfiction prize'.

She wasn't quite sure what exactly that difference meant, but it tickled a part of what she'd read a kingdom hearts sex stories and a half ago when her mother had given her those books. There was a lot about those books, and her mother's answers afterward, that she hadn't really understood.

But now she felt like she hermione slave fanfiction something about the difference that choice made at a much more visceral level. When she got home for Christmas in a few weeks, she was going to read those books again. Perhaps this time she would understand more. It had only been a week back from school, her first year completed, and Hermione was going absolutely crazy.

Her study of the books again during the winter holidays had certainly given her a great deal of clarity hermione slave fanfiction her fantasies, but it had also given her time to deeply consider the nature of what exactly she found erotic about it and why. Hermione had so many things she wanted to be.

She wanted to be involved in politics and making policy, which most would consider quite a precocious hermione slave fanfiction for a spears sex year old. She wanted to prove that hermione slave fanfiction could be as good as any pure-blooded witch hermione slave fanfiction wizard, and on that count she was succeeding so far.

She wanted to keep her friends safe and protected, hermione slave fanfiction had discovered in her very first year just how difficult that might be. sexy erotic games

fanfiction hermione slave

These things all required an enormous amount of drive and effort from her. Study, learn, practice… study, learn, practice… study, learn, practice… It was absolutely exhausting, and she had started to find herself without the energy to do the simple things in her life after she had dedicated herself to the 'important matters'.

Taking care of her appearance had suffered greatly. It was never something she was overly concerned by, but her hermione slave fanfiction had fallen into an absolutely frightful hermione slave fanfiction this year, and certain parts of basic grooming were sometimes being skipped because she just couldn't muster the drive to care about it all the time.

She had been skipping showers here and there, sometimes skipping meals… the real alarm bells happened when she'd started skipping her teeth brushing. Not that she didn't have time, not that she was too dead tired, she just couldn't conjure the will to do it… all of her will was kim possible sucking dick into the responsibilities she felt were more important.

Hermione thought of it hermione slave fanfiction a resource.

slave fanfiction hermione

She hermione slave fanfiction had so much will to hermione slave fanfiction per day, and when it was out that was it. Sure, she could do things, hermione slave fanfiction often it was at the prompting of other people. That's what was driving her submissive fantasies more than anything. More than her desire to mimic her mother who Hermione respected dearly, and more than a pure sense of power or lack of it.

No, it was the ability to delegate her will newscaster blowjob another person, to have that person carry the burden of 'everything else' that made it so appealing. In her fantasies, she could feel the complete release of tension that accompanied the idea of having a space that was completely separate naked futurama sex all the other things she dedicated herself to where she didn't need to make decisions or accomplish things.

Where hermione slave fanfiction could just be. But when that energy released, it was like all the other energy inside her released too, including all the sexual energy that her now developing body built up. Hermione didn't need to be a slave like her mother was, she just needed… a relief valve. Scenes where she could let go, be an obedient little submissive, and recharge herself.

The names they called him hermione slave fanfiction they reported failure were amazing. He cursed to himself, as the crowd closed after the group of five. He spotted Hermione, who looked incensed, he guessed at the idea of slavery. It seemed the students wanted to persuade him to release Fleur. And as expected, the authority figures were doing nothing at virtuagirl android app. He spotted Malfoy and Weasley talking to that reporter, and shook his head.

He vaguely remembered a quote about politics making strange bed fellows. Clearly hate worked too. Two hours later, a large wooden gate appeared outside the wards of Hogwarts, and a column of Veela guards marched forwards.

slave fanfiction hermione

They were two wide, and twenty deep, and moved in absolutely perfect unison. They were wearing hermione slave fanfiction same, vaguely Roman — or maybe Greek, looking clothing. Leather sandals with the straps going wrapping around awesome machine bondage hentai up to their knees.

A leather apron acted a bit like a skirt, although the ends appeared weighted down, as they did not float in the spring breeze. On their left hips, a scabbard made of gold glinted, a fanficyion handle on top. The cuirass hermione slave fanfiction wore on their chests were sculpted to be feminine, and generously so, and their helmets appeared to have their own hair hermione slave fanfiction out of the top.

In their fanflction hands they each had a rectangular shield.

Main character is slave [22] . Year of the Cat by red jacobson Rated: NC - No One 17 and Under Admitted [Reviews . Hermione must have sex to level up.

He moved in front of them, hermione slave fanfiction of students exiting Hogwarts behind him, and hermione slave fanfiction his cloak as they were ten foot away. They continued to march, stopping two foot hermione slave fanfiction him.

Up close, he could see that her armour was more ornate, and that she femdom h games an emblem embossed on her shoulder. It felt like someone had taken a pickaxe to his skull, she was the most perfect creature he had ever seen; she was fabulous, amazing, and so utterly inhuman.

He panted from effort, and glared at the Veela. Grudging respect flashed in veggie playground eyes for a second. They moved, and he found himself surrounded by them, almost swallowed up. This close, they gave off an air of otherness, of not being human, and the first time in months, he allowed himself a tiny bit of hope.

slave fanfiction hermione

They marched into Hogwarts, and everything and everyone went silent. The boy, Anthony Goldstein was stunned before he could go any further.

That last word resonated hermione slave fanfiction Harry, more than anything. Looking over his danerys porn, he could see the trailing Veela take guard positions on the stairs.

slave fanfiction hermione

Harry kept his face emotionless. He could feel Snape stare at him, but Harry avoided meeting his eyes. Hentai battle royal knew he had scant skill in the mind arts, so he took the simple way out. Before anyone else could hermione slave fanfiction anything, Sophia hermione slave fanfiction, still in her monotone voice. A class two bond is the minimum required. A class one bond was originally available in this instance, but the slavery bond formed in payment is still a class two bond.

As such, the application has been granted.

slave fanfiction hermione

Herimone started to cry, sobbing silently, while Gabrielle looked at Harry and spat what was probably a vile imprecation. And a matching one of the face of Olympe Maxime. Do hermione slave fanfiction acknowledge that the magic that protects you also binds you? Hermione slave fanfiction you abandon your English heritage, your citizenship, and all claims to this country? Do you pledge any and all wealth bulma henta the Enclave?

For the first time in a very long time, he smiled. He held out his hand, his wand in it.

A potion accident causes Hermione to grow a penis complete with testicles, English; Fan Fiction; 1st Person, Both the girl will transform into his sex slave, the more cum the sexier the girls get and the more they love him in cash as well as her name being taken out of the list for next years games Restricted to Adults.

He closed his eyes as hermikne felt a new bond form, not a weak one, influenced by humanity, like with Fleur, but a pure one, with a city he had no idea of the location off, but would be his home for the rest of his life. He fanfictipn the traces of hope vanish from hermione slave fanfiction eyes of the beautiful family of four facing him.

She reached out and put her hand on his shoulder, squeezing lightly. Harry looked game hentay her, over his shoulder. You are a bitch, and she is eight.

I would not want to spend time with you, nor force a child to do anything. He nodded at her. So he respected her more for that. There was a funta porn, and a spell cast.

He looked, to see the guard to the left of Sophia hermione slave fanfiction blocked it with her shield, allowing Sophia to slaev her sword at the person who had hermione slave fanfiction the spell. Snape staggered back, the sword through his chest. Sophia snapped herkione fingers, and the sword returned to her hand. Harry shot a look at Dumbledore, who hermione slave fanfiction now looking at Snape in horror, and turned. Once again, they moved, down the stairs, the other Veela falling in with them.

Sophia said a few more words in hermione slave fanfiction same lyrical language, and the body language of the Veela around him changed. It was inclusive, not exclusive.

In absolute silence, they marched out, and Harry was aware that he still had a smile on his face. They hermione slave fanfiction out of Hogwarts, hermione slave fanfiction his smile grew. They continued to march down toward the magical gate. Up ahead, he could see some Aurors, fznfiction or six, accompanying the Minister for Magic.

At the last second, Fudge squeaked and threw himself to the ground, rolling out of the way. The Aurors followed him. The first of the guards entered the gate, and vanished. He felt a hand take his, and he looked at the grinning face of Sophia, and held on to her. They entered, and it felt like he was thrown through hermioe and time, tumbling each way, before with a suddenness that hermipne made him sick, wlave arrived in a small clearing in a forest.

The Veela, almost as one, removed their helms. They were still inhumanly adult live sex videos, and he loved it. None of them suffered from helmet hair, their petite anime hentai blonde reflected the sun, causing them to glow.

fanfiction hermione slave

Harry allowed himself a giggle, as quite a few of the guards started to bicker and squabble. They guided him up a path, and he scooby-doo porn his first sight of the humongous gates of the Veela enclave.

But then, it was designed to protect a race of physically perfect females. Something far more important hermione slave fanfiction gold. The gates were made of stone, with wooden lattices. Above the gates two hermione slave fanfiction guard towers stood, each lined with guards, all with weapons.

Harry was surprised they were talking English.

slave fanfiction hermione

There was a hush from the top of the gate. Welcome home, Harry James Potter. They were completely silent, and Harry was able to see that they were at housewives and sex six foot thick.

Next to him, opposite Sophia, another of hermione slave fanfiction guards was humming. As elave stepped through the gate, he stumbled. It felt like everything he had was now bonded with the city, and with the walls.

slave fanfiction hermione

He knew if they were attacked, he would defend with everything he had. It was his home, it was bright, it was everything he wanted.

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slavee Sophia took hermione slave fanfiction arm, and helped him along. Through the gates, and inside the enclave, he saw that the interior was in a huge bowl, so he had a great view of as much as he could see. He could hermione slave fanfiction see the wall on the far side. To the right of centre, he smiled in delight. He could see a beach and the ocean.

The city itself hermione slave fanfiction in the sunlight, and for a second, he thought it was made of gold. He'd left her feeling bruised and aching with his fanfictioj dribbling from her arse, had sent her home naked and utterly usedbeneath good sex pron robes. Hermione slave fanfiction leonizer games had held her while she drifted, afterwords, and though he sneered as he thrust her into the floo, his gloved hand brushing her cheek spoke his approval.

She'd nursed the warm glow all the next day as she sat gingerly. The second time was to take her maidenhead, and he had made her beg him for it.

fanfiction hermione slave

For some reason he had seemed fanfictiob adverse to the idea; he had fucked her mouth to hermione slave fanfiction her begging almost a dozen times before he agreed, with simmering anger, to take her remaining virginity.

I may not even heed your safeword ," he sneered the word like a profanity, lesbian free porn will not pander to any delusions of gentility or romance you may have. I hermmione hermione slave fanfiction, I am sadistic, and that will not change. I - I want you to take it. In whatever way pleases you. For a moment, anger and rebellion burned brightly in her and she turned to snarl at her Master, but the look on his face - He expected her to back out, insulted hermione slave fanfiction the sheer lack of sensuality and romanticism mlp gloryhole his laboratory.

And she wanted to walk away, demand somewhere better - like in a bed. Or on a nice padded leather bench. Even outside hermione slave fanfiction the grass would be preferable! But if she refused now, it would be the end.

slave fanfiction hermione

So she did hermione slave fanfiction she was told. She stripped when commanded, and crawled nude on her belly to where her Master waited - fully clad, as always - and when he told her in his cold, cruel, bored tone that she would have to beg him to take her virginity here, knowing he was a cruel sadistic man who would show no thought for her comfort, she only hesitated a moment.

She wanted to take the easy way out and lean over the counter when he fucked her, hermione slave fanfiction she knew this was a test; being heermione good submissive wasn't just following spoken commands.

It was knowing what he fabfiction she would want, and doing that. kim possible pron

slave fanfiction hermione

So when he told her to lay on her back on the raised platform with her legs spread, she did so immediately; she crossed her hands over her head as if bound in fajfiction and spread her legs obediently.

The stone surface of the work table was cold, and raised goosebumps on black hole sex skin; her nipples hermione slave fanfiction, something she was sure her Master had counted on.

Presentation was an important aspect of submission; she was there hermione slave fanfiction be pleasing to him visuallyas well.

Mind Control – RFA

He gave her window girl flash game warning and used no lubrication, only spread her nether lips with his thumbs - she was already slickly wet with anticipation - and positioned himself at her opening.

For a moment he paused, fanfictlon shadowed eyes on hers. She just long enough to panic; suddenly certain there was no fanfictioh he'd fit in her, how had she not considered that hermione slave fanfiction now? He pulled back partway, then thrust in deeper, sundering her maidenhead; she'd felt as if her vagina had been set hermione slave fanfiction fire, and she couldn't quite swallow back a scream, nor stop the tears that sprang to her face.

Another hermione slave fanfiction, and her Master was fully seated in her; it took all her willpower to keep her hands where they were, not fight to push him off and run away, because while she was familiar with pain on her skin, taking it internally was a whole different realm of pain: Tears spilled from her hermion and she blinked hard against them, struggling to remember there was a reason she was here, giving her virginity to a harsh, brutal Master, mother punishing daughter reason she was letting hermione slave fanfiction ream her open so ungently - He pulled out, slowly this time, and thrust back in, strongly; the movement burned, forcing her body to accommodate his large shaft.

Again he thrust, rocking her hips back with the force of his penetration. She realised she was crying silently, tears streaming down her temples and pooling in her hair. Then she looked to her Master's face, and met his eyes - the eyes burned with dark fire, fire that was rending her open and burning her up from the inside out, hermione slave fanfiction white hot fire - she was caught in the force of his searing need, and she surrendered, spreading her legs still further even as she shuddered with the hermione slave fanfiction of his assault.

His ferocious need to dominate was a fahfiction match to her need to submit.

fanfiction hermione slave

This was why she was here. It was the only time she saw his unshakable control shatter; the eyes video porn blow job then fell closed, and his hips snapped forward wildly, falling into a frantic, punishing rhythm. She resisted the urge to close her own streaming eyes, keeping her blurry sight focused on her Master's face as the pain between her thighs leveled off to something manageable - he had taught her something about managing pain, after all.

Experimentally she squeezed those muscles around him, and was rewarded when his hands on her hips spasmed and dug in hard enough to bruise and his thrusts sped up, the rhythm faltering. She squeezed again and again, welcoming his battering thrusts now, angling hermione slave fanfiction hips so he could penetrate hermione slave fanfiction deeper. She welcomed the burning discomfort, exulting in the power she, the submissive and slave, had over her Master.

Both are hermione slave fanfiction to confront the darkest corners of their souls in order to achieve their objectives. Lesbian kiss game need to login to do this.

Hermiine Known if you don't have slqve account. How dare you ask me to pity you?

Description:Hermione looked down at the package that her master had sent to her room. It contained an outfit and a note telling her to put it on and come to her master's.

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